Welcome to the official website for the Venice Public Art Walls. The Venice Art Walls are located on the sand in Venice Beach. As of June 3, 2007 artists with a valid permit are invited to express themselves and paint on the walls. The area will be open to painting during daylight hours on weekends and City of Los Angeles holidays only. The walls will be closed for painting on weekdays. The walls are managed by ICU Art - In Creative Unity, which is a Venice based arts organization that has been curating the walls since the year 2000.

ICU Art is a graffiti arts advocacy group, and has lead the movement to preserve the walls as a living memorial to the high quality graffiti style art which has taken place on these walls for over thirty years. ICU Art is here to serve the artists that use the area as well as the residents of Venice. As we enter this new and important era of the walls, we ask you to work with us to help make this program a success.


More Funding Needed!

Although we now have commitments to cover the bare minimum of funding that has been covered by the City of LA this past year...more

City of LA – Bill Rosendahl’s Office

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl of City Council District 11 has informed us that the City of Los Angeles through CD11...more


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